Quality French Bulldog and Pugs For Sale in Ohio

We’re less than 2 hours away from both Columbus and Cleveland. See our available puppies here



Quality Breeding

Carefully planned breeding for temperament and a variety of colors


Certified Vet-check

Each puppy’s health is certified by an independent veterinarian and is fully vaccinated and dewormed


Health Guarantee

All of our pups come with a 1-year genetic health guarantee.  Read it here


Loved & Socialized

Raised with lots of love, we strive to give our pups healthy, routine interaction with our own children.

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Mack (lilac)

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AKC Puppy Protection

*Included at no extra cost.  Click/tap banner for details.

Pug Puppies available

about us

About Us

Hello, and welcome to our website!  Together, we the Melvin Miller and Arlyn Hershberger families bring you some of the highest quality French Bulldog and Pug puppies in Ohio.  We are committed to quality care and responsible breeding practices.  We specialize in rare exotic and exotic colors, and selectively breed for health and temperament.



We’ve been doing this a long tie, and have learned a lot by listening to our customers along the way.



We proudly stand behind our commitment to provide you with a healthy puppy.



Our children love to play with the puppies before they’re ready for their forever homes.


Do you ship your puppies?

Yes, we have a lot of experience with shipping pets.  We use the Delta and United Airlines pet programs, and have shipped many puppies to happy clients.  Puppies travel in a pressure and climate-controlled environment.  Shipping to most major airports in the contiguous 48 states is $395.  This includes airfare, a crate you can keep, a required pre-flight vet check, and handling.

Do you provide a health guarantee?

Yes. Please see our health guarantee page on this site.

Are your puppies socialized?

Yes, all of our puppies have regular contact with children, adults, and other animals. For some puppies, it can take several days for them to adjust to a new home and new surroundings. Imagine being taken from your siblings and taken on a long car ride to a new home. How long would it take you to adjust?

Do the puppies have their shots?

Yes. Our puppies have the starter 5-Way vaccination and have received at least 3 treatments of de-worming medication. You will receive a copy of these health records, in order for you and your veterinarian to provide continued quality care for your pup.

How big will my puppy grow to be?

While we cannot guarantee or predict your puppy’s size as an adult, we can provide the weight of its parents upon request.

What families are saying

  • Allen Family from Ohio

    Our family adores Stella. She has been a joyful addition to our family.
    "Companion"dog is the perfect description of a French Bulldog.
    Happy Spring,
    The Allen Family

  • Jamie from Ohio

    I just wanted to give you an update on Hamilton, who is now named Jack. We picked him up on June 19th so we've had him 10 days now. He's been so great! Sleeps in his crate at night, is so friendly and social and has had a clean bill of health from our vet and the groomer who both used the word "perfect" to describe him. He's so easy going and goes nearly every where with us. We've been on vacation in Hocking Hills, several local baseball games and he goes to my husband's office occasionally for the day as well. I've attached a few pictures, one with his big sister Emmy who loves to play with him. Thank you for such a great buying experience and for doing such a great job with him. He is so loved!

  • Connie from Ohio

    Toby is doing very well. He's very active and healthy. He gets along very
    well with his doggie sister and cat brother. He has quite the personality,
    he runs my house!


  • Alex from Texas

    Hey all, it was nice to hear from you, I think it's great you check up on
    your puppies! We named him Crowley, he's a happy, healthy, loving addition
    to the family! It's been great having him, I only have one complaint....he's
    a chicken killer lol. He's under the impression that he's a great hunter so
    we have to keep him away from the flock. But he's great with the kids, our
    other dog, and the cows and horses. Blessings to you!

  • Orlando from Ohio

    Rocco is awesome and really attached to my wife..follows her everywhere and has to be right next to her at night.. cute. I
    have some other good pics of him I can send later as well.

  • Eric from Ohio

    Hello from Eric and Amanda. We have been really enjoying Remington and he is a beast!

  • Brad from Ohio

    We had Bella checked out by the Vet all was good.  Also she is fitting in VERY well.  We just wanted to thank you and your wife for this wonderful pup. We are very satisfied.

  • Charity from Ohio

    "I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Smith is such a great addition to our family and is already loved by all 7 of us. You have done an amazing job with these puppies. He cried a little on the way home but quickly found a spot on the passenger seat and went to sleep. He didn’t have any accidents or get sick. Then once we got home and he woke up he ate and played and slept all night in his crate (only waking and crying once). He is also very well potty trained using his potty pads every time. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you have done with this puppy. Kuddos to you and your family for such a nice job on our new little buddy. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our family!"

  • Nadine from Arizona

    We love our little girl. Renamed her Calista Belle, we call her Cali, she plays long and hard, and then crashed into slumber, where I know she is just recharging! Follows us everywhere. Thank you for this little slice of heaven.

  • Terri from Arizona

    Oh, what a cute little girl! Tori's wonderful. She's been eating and drinking well, and I played with her last night after she got off the plane. We will continue to let you know how she's doing, but what a beautiful dog. Thank you so much, and we're so glad that she got here safely. Thank you again!

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